Tarot Readings

Tarot card readings offer insights into your current situation, bringing the subconscious to the surface. The Tarot is a tool for reflection that offers a clearer perspective on what is going on in your life, both the big picture and small details.

A Tarot reading will not dictate what you should do — the Universal Power will never diminish your free will — but instead the reading will offer you clarity, helping you to better understand your situation. This understanding will make it easier to make your own decisions.

During a reading, the archetype spirit guides from the Major Arcana work with me to arrange the cards and provide insights, offering glimpses into the possible outcomes, outside influences and your unconscious fears and desires.

The Tarot can offer glimpses into future outcomes, but keep in mind, the future is fluid. There are literally thousands of possible outcomes — all of them impacted by you and the outside world. So what may hold true today, could change tomorrow because of your ability to make choices. This is a good thing. It means you control your fate.

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How to ask an empowering questions

1. Avoid the Yes/No Trap

“Yes” or “No” answers leave valuable information undiscovered — information that could have empowered your decisions and changed your fate. The tarot can dive deeply into your current situation, giving an overview of personal and outside factors. You can also see why things are not going in the direction you would like, allowing you to make changes and improve the possible outcomes. You are not a victim of life’s circumstances. Life is not fixed. It is fluid. “Yes” or “No” answers give away your freewill and personal power. I will not do that to you, nor will the Universal Power.

2. Be Specific

The Universal Power is very literal. So either ask a specific question or leave it up to the universe to provide a message for you, however, the latter opens the door for the universe to offer insights on topics, situations and relationships other than what is on your mind, so if you really have a pressing concern, reveal it, and then we can focus on formulating questions that will receive the best possible answers for you.

3. Be Honest

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Neither the Universal Power nor I are going to judge you. You are coming to me to obtain a better understanding of your life to secure a more positive outcome — that is a noble cause. Sometimes this means admitting your own flaws, and sometimes it means seeing the flaws in those you love. No matter what is revealed, healing will take place when you allow love to dictate your response, decisions and actions. The cards can show you the most loving course of action to take.

4. Choose Your Question(s) Wisely

“The question limits the answer.” Think about that. When you ask a question, you are invariably limiting the answer, so choose carefully how you word your question. Instead of asking “Will I get that promotion”, you could ask “How will that promotion affect my life?” or “What happens if I don’t accept that promotion?” or “What should I be doing with my career at this point in my life?” or “Regarding my career, please reveal the path that is for my highest and best good.” Keep in mind, the Universal Power may have a plan that is much grander than the one you are currently considering.

Examples of Empowering Questions:

1. What is happening right now?

2. What am I learning from my current situation?

3. What outside influences are impacting me?

4. What is on its way in and out?

5. What needs healing?