Coming up… Learn to Shamanic Journey Workshop • Sat., May 19 • Pittsboro, NC

Shaman Elizabeth Herrera is a healer and author. She is dedicated to helping others believe that miracles are possible and encouraging them to accept these wondrous gifts for themselves.

She practices shamanism, which is the oldest known spiritual practice in the world and is still practiced by indigenous people on every continent today, including the Native Americans in North America. A shaman acts as a catalyst between ordinary reality and the spirit realm.

massagearea_2Shamanic healing is used to find and remove the spiritual imbalances that limit health, peace and happiness. With deep connections to the Divine and help from enlightened guides and teachers, Elizabeth accesses your spiritual self through the visionary process of shamanic journeying to offer healing and guidance. 

IMG_2511In-person Shamanic Healing
Office located at:
The Sagewood Center
6801 Pleasant Pines Drive, Raleigh, NC 27613

Remote Shamanic Healing
Remote healing is equally effective as in-person sessions because the healing takes place in the spirit realm. During your appointment time, you can lay quietly or go about your business. Either way, please set the intention to accept the healing and to be open to the healing powers of the universe. After the healing, I will send you a detailed email describing the healing.

If you have any questions, you can use the contact form or schedule a free phone consultfeather


“After leaving the session, I was the most relaxed that I have ever been in a very long time, and it made me realize that I have the potential to be in that state of mind all the time.” Dale O., North Carolina

“Elizabeth is an AWESOME Shamanic Journey leader and teacher.” Kerry Jon G., Pennsylvania

“I can’t believe the miracle that I have experienced since the first workshop I attended two-and-a-half weeks ago. Since yesterday, I have felt better than I have ever felt in my entire life!” Robin F., Raleigh, North Carolina

Miracles occur when two people realize that there is no separation between them. In that moment, love flows freely and their true reality becomes known. Their perfectness is acknowledged and they are released from the illusion of fear, pain and illness.
~ Shaman Stone Soup