House Blessing and Energetic Cleansing

To the remove the negative energy and entities from your house and property, Shaman Elizabeth works remotely when she shamanic journeys to request help from her spirit guides and the angels. After the negativity is removed, the healing will help bring in the Divine energy to restore the natural balance and harmony of your home.

You may need a remote house blessing and energetic cleansing if:

  • You are moving into a new home, because you never know how much negativity may have been left behind by the previous owners
  • You detect a negative presence in your home
  • Items are misplaced without a logical reason
  • You are accident prone in your home
  • There is more fighting between family members than normal

Below is an example of a remote house energetic cleansing performed by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera. It is an excerpt from her memoir Shaman Stone Soup.

Unwanted House Ghost

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” Isaac Asimov

Shaman Stone Soup Cover-2017.indd

I remember once when my husband and I were considering the purchase and restoration of an historic house in St. Petersburg, Florida, that had most recently been used as a senior living home.

As we walked through the interior, a very uncomfortable feeling came over me, but I tried to stay analytical to estimate the restoration costs. Besides being in disrepair and gloomy, dark shadows seemed to dart across the hallways and through the rooms. After a hurried inspection, I couldn’t take it anymore and left—quickly!

It’s understandable why people are afraid of ghosts or negative energy in their homes. It can be uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but a healing gave me a new insight into ghosts.

One day, I received a call from a woman asking me to perform a house depossession. For many years she had owned a rental house that was haunted by a ghost who appeared as a friendly, older woman. The tenants hadn’t minded her presence and would often kindly refer to her.

Then a new tenant moved in and the ghost made him uncomfortable. The tenant tried to ignore the ghost, but she grew bolder. One night, the ghost entered his bedroom, walked up to his bed, and told him, “Scoot over.” That was too much for him! The man slept on the couch that night and in the morning told the landlord he was moving out.

The landlord wanted to know if I could perform the house depossession that day, because she didn’t want to lose the tenant, and if I could do it remotely since she lived in Utah. I answered yes to both questions, and later that day, I met the “ghost of the house”.

The ghost was an elderly woman who was waiting for me with her “ghost” bags packed. The ghost said she knew the tenant and landlord didn’t want her in the house and was ready to move on.

The ghost recalled living there with her husband and raising their children, who were now grown and had children of their own. Her recollection of fond memories made me see her as a “person” instead of a ghost…a person without a body. But her plans were to move into another house! I told her that wasn’t in anyone’s best interest. In order to continue her soul’s journey, it was important for her to move to the next realm. Without a body, she wasn’t experiencing the life lessons that were necessary for her soul’s growth.

After she left, I shamanic journeyed to the spirit realm to meet with my spirit guide to confirm that she was gone. When I arrived, the ghost was sitting next to my spirit guide waiting for me. (It seemed that she was always one step ahead of me.) Everyone agreed, including her, that she had crossed over into the next realm, and then the angels took her away.

My spirit guide then recommended that angels go to the house to remove the residual energy, so that the tenant wouldn’t sense the ghost’s presence any longer.

I watched the angels descend into the house and cleanse the negative energy. Afterward, they infused positive energy by symbolically dropping flower petals.

I knew it was a powerful healing when not only the landlord called to thank me, but the tenant did as well. The tenant said the most powerful aspect of the whole situation was the feeling he had when entering the house. He had expected the negative energy to permeate the house, but instead, he walked into positive energy that was so intense, he felt a natural high all day long.

The healing affected the landlord, the tenant (who ordered several more healings for himself and family members), and the ghost. It shows how we are connected—whether we have a body or not.