Both remote and in-person shamanic healing can be used for all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual concerns, such as Past Life Healing, Soul Retrieval, Entity Removal, Aura Cleansing, Energetic Body Restoration, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and many other concerns.

Shamanic Healing (Remote and In-Person) $140/hour. Save 10% when you purchase a package of three 1-hour sessions.

Schizophrenia Healing (Remote and In-Person) $378/three 1-hour sessions

House/Land Energetic Cleansing (Remote) $140/hour

Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing (In-Person) $140/hour

Phone Consultation $10/10 minutes

Private Lessons

Beginner Shamanic Journeying Lessons (In-Person)  $425/three 90-minute sessions. (Sessions can be combined. Bring a friend and split the cost.)

Advanced Shamanic Journeying Lesson (In-Person) $160/90-minute session)


Spiritual Advising / Shamanic Mentoring (Phone and In-Person) $130/50 minutes