Shamanic Healing

Shamanism (Native American spirituality) is a spiritual practice used to find and heal the imbalances that limit health, peace and happiness.

massagearea_2Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice in the world and is still practiced by indigenous people on every continent today. The shaman acts as a catalyst between this world and the spirit world to offer healing and restore balance.

As a shaman, Elizabeth has found the practice of shamanism to be life changing. The connection to the Divine power has opened her mind to the wonders of the unseen world, which affects every aspect of our lives and even the entire universe. Through shamanic journeying, she has learned that we are all connected—the earth, sky, nature, animals, winged and sea creatures, and mankind—singing one song of unending love. To read more about her, click here.

Brief overview of shamanic journeying:

  • During a shamanic journey, a shaman will use a visionary process to travel to the spirit realm to request healings, receive divine messages, help guide lost souls home (psychopomp), and commune with nature and the universe.
  • In the spirit realm, a shaman interacts with spirit guides, ancestors, spirits of people from this world, angels, and enlightened beings.
  • Power animals act as protectors and guides for the shaman. They can be a part of a shaman’s journeys for many lifetimes or brief periods during which their archetype power is needed.
  • The spirit realm has three “worlds”: the lower, middle, and upper. None of the realms are better than the others; they simply offer different experiences that are appropriate for different circumstances.

IMG_2511In-person Shamanic Healing
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Remote Shamanic Healing
Remote healing is equally effective as in-person sessions because the healing takes place in the spirit realm. During your appointment time, you can lay quietly or go about your business. Either way, please set the intention to accept the healing and to be open to the healing powers of the universe. After the healing, I will send you a detailed email describing the healing.

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I am doing so well after my healing in September! It is amazing how much better I feel, not just physically, but also in my attitude towards life and everything. I feel so much more positive and really open to amazing things happening to me, and not only do I feel their potential but I actually see them happening to me and I know that they will become a reality. I feel like I have physically taken on the ability to become the things I have only ever imagined being! It’s quite amazing so far! I would not know how to thank you enough for the part you’ve played in helping to change my life! – Kate W., England

“I have actually been doing really well since my healing. For the following months, I felt noticeably better, and since our session I haven’t needed to take my depression medication anymore. I feel like it was a burden that I couldn’t manage to shake by myself, but you took a lot of the weight and allowed me to completely leave it behind. I wanted to tell you how much your healing has helped me.” Kevin S., North Carolina

“I have never felt that which I experienced when Elizabeth Herrera applied her abilities to aid me in my quest for wholeness. Finding Elizabeth Herrera was a blessing for me and an event in my life that I will never forget.” Scott S., Arizona

“I am getting married! This guy and I have known each other for three years, but were too shy to really talk. I ran into him at a grocery store and we went out on a date. We just clicked and know that it’s right. I am thrilled and relieved that I am no longer tethered to the past relationship. I just was not expecting such a turn-around so soon. I had to share this with you! Thank you so much for helping me get free and restored.” Darlene B., North Carolina

“The journey to Oneness is never taken alone.”



For more insights into shamanic healing, read Elizabeth’s memoir Shaman Stone Soup.

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