Negative Entity Removal (Depossession/Psychopomp)

Spirit Shadows Dncng

Spirits can attach themselves to people. Some of these spirits are malicious while others are simply misguided, scared or confused, such as relatives that have recently passed away or ancestors, but whether an entity is malicious or not, their attachment is a burden to the person, siphoning their vital energy and/or instilling negative thoughts. The best course of action is to remove the entity with the help of spirit guides and angels who will escort the entity into another dimension to prevent its reattachment. Some entities work in a collective group, so there may be a need for multiple sessions.

People will sometimes sense they have an entity attachment or they know their thoughts are not their own. They may have sleep paralysis or difficulty sleeping because they sense someone or something is in the room with them. They may become depressed or angry for no reason, lose their creativity, and/or feel disconnected to their spiritual path.

After an entity removal, people often feel lighter and happier. Without the entity’s heavy energy dragging them down, they have a new outlook on life. However, the first few days may be difficult as the person readjusts to their new vibrations and energy levels.

To prepare for an entity removal:

Daily Meditation. This will raise your vibrations and is crucial to the success of your healing. If you don’t currently mediate, you can start with Shaman Elizabeth’s guided meditations that are on her blog.

Eat healthy. Do not eat meat that has been slaughter commercially three days before or after the session (the animals’ fears while being slaughtered is imbued in the meat). Wild, hunted meat or plant-based, organic foods are highly recommended.

After the session:

Daily Meditation. If you are serious about not having negative entities impact your life, meditate. Daily meditation helps prevent another entity from taking the place of the one(s) that was removed. Daily meditation will raise your vibration to a level that repels negative entities. However, the raising of your vibration takes time and consistency, so don’t be discouraged if in the beginning it seems like nothing is happening. Every moment spent focusing on the Divine and asking for Divine help is doing something.

Make a conscious decision to accept the healing. Declare out loud that any entities that are not of the loving Divine energy must leave your presence.

Because your thoughts and emotions are energy, when you find yourself thinking a negative thought, having a negative emotion, or remembering the how the negative entity/entities were a part of your life, offer your thought/emotion to the Divine for healing, and then refocus on the positive things in your life. This will prevent your vibration from lowering.