Shamanic Journeying Lessons

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Coming up… Learn to Shamanic Journey Workshop • Sat., May 19, 2018 • Pittsboro, NC

If you’re interested in learning how to shamanic journey (shamanism), consider taking lessons.

Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice in the world and is still practiced by indigenous people on every continent today, including Native Americans. While there are many different rituals, one commonality is that the shaman acts as a catalyst between this world and the spirit realm.

Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman, in the book, Awakening to the Spirit World, offered this insight: “Shamanism is an ancient and powerful spiritual practice that can help us thrive during challenging and changing times. In our modern-day technological world we have been led to believe that what we see, touch, hear, smell, and taste with our ordinary senses connects us only to the world that is visible around us. Conversely, shamanism teaches that there are doorways into other realms of reality where helping spirits reside who can share guidance, insight, and healing not just for ourselves but also for the world in which we live.”

drum-artPersonally, I have found the practice of shamanism to be life changing. The connection to the Divine power has opened my mind to the wonders of the unseen world, which affects every aspect of our lives and even the entire universe. Through shamanism, I have learned that we are all connected—the earth, sky, nature, animals, winged and sea creatures, and mankind—singing one song of unending love.

Here is a short overview of shamanic journeying:

  • During a shamanic journey, a shaman/practitioner uses a visionary process to travel to the spirit realm to request healings, receive divine messages, help guide lost souls home (psychopomp) and commune with nature/universe.
  • In the spirit realm, a shaman/practitioner interacts with spirit guides, ancestors, spirits of people from this world, angels, and enlightened beings.
  • Power animals act as protectors and guides for the shaman. They can be a part of a person’s journeys for many lifetimes or brief periods during which their archetype power is needed.
  • The spirit realm has three “worlds”: the lower, middle and upper. None of the realms are better than the others; they simply offer different experiences that are appropriate for different circumstances.

Private Lessons

Choose either 90-minute lessons taken over several weeks or months (recommend a minimum of four), or attend an all-day session.

In-person lessons are taught in the Raleigh metro area, North Carolina.

Remote lessons are taught via Skype video conferencing.


Lesson 1: Understanding shamanic journeying; finding your power animal in the spirit realm

Lesson 2: Exploring the lower spirit realm

Lesson 3: Meeting your spirit guide; exploring the upper spirit realm

Lesson 4: Understanding the healing process; performing a healing

Advanced Studies

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energetic Body Restoration
  • Death and Dying (psychopomp) — helping people cross over from the physical world to the spiritual realm
  • Weather Shamanism

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bandanna, blanket and notebook to record your journeys.

Bring a friend and split the cost! Evening appointments are available by arrangement.

It’s highly recommended that you learn more about shamanism before signing up. There are many great books on the subject. You might also consider reading Shaman Stone Soup by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera to better understand how shamanism can be utilized into your life (the book does NOT teach you how to shamanic journey).

To schedule a lesson, click here.


“Elizabeth is an AWESOME Shamanic Journey leader and teacher.”
Kerry Jon Gramse, Pennsylvania

“I can’t believe the miracle that I have experienced since the first workshop I attended 2 1/2 weeks ago. Since yesterday, I have felt better than I have ever felt in my entire life!”
— Robin F., Raleigh, North Carolina

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”
— from The Alchemist

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