“A Course in Miracles” Spiritual Counseling

a-course-in-miraclesShaman Elizabeth discovered that A Course in Miracles perfectly aligns with shamanism. Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice, and ACIM is one of the newest, yet both are identical in their truths.

Many ACIM students find it difficult to comprehend the Course’s message, yet, somewhere in their hearts, feel that the struggle is worth the effort. And they are right.

Although Shaman Elizabeth has experienced many miracles through shamanism, the Course filled in the gaps to her understanding of how miracles occured, why we are here, what our true purpose is, and, most important, how to find peace in a broken world.

Elizabeth’s experiences of being a catalyst for healing and miracles allowed her to quickly grasp the core principles of ACIM and apply them, causing dramatic shifts in her thought processes, which in turn, changed how she perceived and experienced life.

Both shamanism and ACIM profess that this world is a dream (illusion) — although it is a very persistent one — and the road to awakening is through forgiveness, but not in the traditional sense. Although these two concepts are simple, they are extremely difficult to practice in our everyday life. It takes consistent focus, effort and willingness to rely on the Divine to see real progress. And even then, the Course states that you need do nothing. That you are already awake. You only think you are asleep. So how do we let go of our mistaken beliefs? This is where studying the Course and applying its teachings helps us.

Shaman Elizabeth is available for private counseling sessions. In each, you can discuss any questions you may have about the Course and how best to apply it to your life circumstances.

If you live outside the U.S., international phone numbers are provided in your confirmation email.


“…if pupil and teacher join in sharing one goal, God will enter into their relationship because He has been invited to come in.”